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Call for papers

IFIPTM 2018 invites submissions presenting novel research on all topics related to Trust, Security, and Privacy, including but not limited to:

Trust in Information Technology

  • Formal aspects (specification, reasoning, and analysis)
  • Trust-based and trust-aware IT policy management
  • Trust in social networks and emerging contexts
  • Trust in collaborative applications, crowd-sourcing and wiki systems
  • Trust in human-computer interaction and usable systems
  • Case studies and applications

Socio-Technical, Economic, and Sociological Trust

  • Economic modeling of trust, risk and control; economics of trusted data quality
  • Trust, control and reputation effects in social networking, e- and m-commerce
  • Trust and socio materiality; socio-technical network structures; biological trust
  • Ethical, sociological, psychological, legal aspects

Trust and Reputation Management Systems

  • Architectures and models
  • Benchmarks, metrics and computation

Identity Management and Trust

  • Anonymity, privacy and accountability
  • Identity and personal information brokering
  • Legal aspects

Secure, Trustworthy and Privacy-Aware Systems

  • Platforms and standards
  • Software and services

Trust Building in Large Scale Systems

  • Trust in Cloud environments
  • Large Identity Management Systems like UID/SSN, Banks, Mobile user groups
  • Trust management for large user groups including machine and human participation

Trustworthiness of Adaptive Systems:

  • Controlling the scope of adaptivity
  • Expectation management
  • Verification and validation
  • Self-explaining systems
  • Self-trust

Special Track -  Trust in Fintech


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