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Current projects

The following projects are currently in progress:

Project Description Location Status
New offices for the Faculty of Engineering and Appied Science Creating offices in lobby of ACE on second, third and fourth floors ACE Target completion: August 2015
Renovation of House 22 To renovate the unoccupied space at House 22 at Winfields Farm lands into functional office space Winfields Farm lands Target completion: August 2015
Information Technology (IT) infrastruture upgrades Install standby generator (10-kilowatt) to maintain IT infrastruture Bordessa Hall (55 Bond Street East) Target completion: March 2016
IT infrastruture upgrades Install stanby generator (20-kilowatt) to maintain IT infrastruture  61 Charles Street Building Target completion: March 2016
Mechanical upgrades for 61 Charles  Install humidification systems on the air distribution system at 61 Charles 61 Charles Street Building Target completion: October 2015
Renovations to second floor of St. Gregory's School Conversion of second floor of St. Gregory's School (leased by UOIT) into Kinesiology research space (dry) for two to three faculty members St. Gregory's School Target completion: July 2015