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The Capital Infrastructure and Space Planning Committee reviews on an annual cycle all Capital Infrastructure and Space Planning Requests submitted. Submissions outside of the standard cycle are reviewed in priority sequence. The project cycle and procedures can be found under Projects

Submitted project requests are reviewed within the space management process with priority projects moving to the next stage of development. OCIS will provide updates to the requestor as appropriate.

Space survey

Each faculty or department will receive a Space Inventory Survey report for their review on an annual basis. Updates should be returned to OCIS within the specified time period. This will help us keep space allocations recorded accurately and assist with future planning. Space statistics will be generated on an annual basis (or as required) from this data. Space statistic reports will be available under Space statistics.


OCIS will assist with changes to furnishings, data and electrical if required, and on a priority sequence. Costs incurred, if not an approved capital project, are to be covered by the department or faculty requesting the change. OCIS can assist with obtaining quotations and facilitating the work. 

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