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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

With the recent changes to the Ambassador program, we’ve put together a list of commonly asked questions to help you transition to the new system.

  • What do Ambassadors do?

    As an Ambassador, you will have the opportunity to participate in ongoing leadership development that supports your personal and professional growth. At each level of the program, you will complete five workshops in total in each of the following categories: Leadership, Communication, Community, Equity, and Reflection. In addition, you will be required to complete 15 points worth of on campus volunteering to maintain your Ambassador status.

  • How do I sign up?

    If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, sign up to be an Ambassador. Once you have signed up, you will be added to our mailing list where you will hear from us about upcoming Level 1 workshops, events and volunteer opportunities.

  • Can I start the Ambassador program if I am an upper year (i.e. second, third or fourth year)?

    Yes! You can join the program any time. It is your responsibility to complete the required five Level 1 workshops in order to be considered an Ambassador. Once you have completed Level 1 and depending on what year you are in, you can work towards completing additional levels based when workshops are running.  

  • How do I get my official Ambassador T-shirt?

    In order to receive your Ambassador t-shirt, which officially confirms that you have completed all five Level 1 workshops, you must complete the following training modules: 

    Once completed, please email to schedule a meeting with the program coordinator to receive your shirt and discuss next steps. 

  • Do the program levels match the year I’m in?

    Not always. If a student is entering the program in their first year of study, they can work through each level of the program for each year of study they are in. If a student is entering the program in their second year of study, they still have to start at Level 1 but based on workshop availability they may be able to earn Level 2 in the same year. It is highly recommended that students only work on one level per year.

  • Can I add all 4 workshop levels to the Involvement Record?

    Absolutely! Each level of the Ambassador program you have completed, can be added to your Involvement Record. The Involvement Record opens up for the school year starting in October and closes in April. Once the database closes for the school year, there is no way to add an involvement activity to your record so please make sure you do this in a timely manner.   

  • What’s the point of completing all 4 levels of the Ambassador program if I’m just called an Ambassador after Level 1?

    As you move through each level of the Ambassador program, you will be completing workshops related to Leadership, Communication, Community, Equity and Reflection. The workshops have been built in such a way that each year builds upon the next, deepening your knowledge and expertise in the areas mentioned above. The upper levels of the Ambassador program are a great way to expand your personal and professional growth and can be considered advantageous when seeking future employment opportunities.

  • What’s the difference between a Peer Leader and an Ambassador?

    Ambassadors are more than just campus tour guides or event volunteers, Ambassadors are students who love to share their experiences and positively contribute to the overall campus community. Students interested in becoming an Ambassador can join at any time and are required to complete 5 workshops in each level category and complete 15 points worth of volunteer hours during the academic school year to maintain their status.

    Alternatively, Peer Leaders are upper year student leaders who supports new and incoming students as they transition into university. Each Peer Leader is assigned a group of new and incoming students that they support from Ignite throughout the academic year. In order to eligible to submit application to become a Peer Leader, you must have completed all five Level 1 workshops of the Ambassador program.

  • Can you be an Ambassador and a Peer Leader at the same time?

    Yes, these are unique programs with different requirements. As long as you meet the requirements of each role, you can maintain your status of being an Ambassador and a Peer Leader at the same time and include both roles separately on your Involvement Record.

  • Can graduate students become an Ambassador?

    Of course! The Ambassador program is open to all students studying at UOIT.

  • How do I submit my volunteer hours for my Ambassador requirement?

    New this year, Ambassadors will be responsible for submitting their own volunteer attendance. When you arrive to your volunteer placement, you will be given a unique event code which will allow you to earn points. You can also earn points simply by attending an event. The event code will be either posted at the volunteer sign in desk or with the event coordinator. Check out the Ambassador Volunteer Requirements for the attendance form and for additional information.

  • How many points can I earn per event I volunteer at?

    Check out the Points Criteria table for the number of points you can earn per event. 

    The program will now be awarding Ambassadors who support and attend UOIT events during the school year. General events could include events hosted by the Student Life office (ex. the mini Powwow), faculties, athletics, or university wide events.

    If you have attended a general UOIT event as a participant, please use the event code 'genevent' when completing the Ambassador Event Attendance form. Note that you can only claim 4 general attendance points per school year. 

  • What is an Ambassador Day?

    Ambassador Days are open to those wishing to join and complete Level One of the program and existing Ambassadors looking to complete a higher level, with 4 levels in total. At each level of the program, students complete five workshops in each of the following categories: Leadership, Communication, Community, Equity and Reflection. We typically run all workshop levels on Ambassador Days and so this is a great way to complete a single level all at once. Interested in becoming an Ambassador? Check out the Ambassador sign up form.

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