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Ambassador Volunteer Requirements

Ambassadors are required to collect volunteer 'points' by attending and/or assisting with eligible campus events. Students must collect 15 points throughout the school year to maintain their Ambassador status. New this year, Ambassadors will be responsible for submitting their own attendance to confirm that they volunteered or participated in an event. 


The table below outlines the number of points that can be earned per event. 

Please note the following: 

  • A Full Day is defined as any UOIT event that generally runs for 7-8 hours
  • A Half Day is defined as any UOIT event that generally runs for 3-4 hours 
  • Although Ignite, iBegin and OUF are typically multi-day events, points will only be awarded once during the school year 
  • Attending on-campus UOIT events as a participant or audience member will earn you 1 point per event. Note that you can only claim 4 points in this category per school year. 
    • General UOIT events include: Get Involved Fair, International Orientation, Ridgeback Games, etc. 
Type of Event  Points 
Ignite (Orientation)  5
iBegin 5
Ontario Universities' Fair (OUF) 
Open House (Fall/Winter) 5 each 
ASKMe 1 per hour (up to a maximum of 4)
Full day UOIT events  4 per event 
Half day UOIT events  2 per event 
Less than half day volunteer events  1 per event
RISE Workshop  2 per event (up to a maximum of 6) 
Attending general UOIT events (genevent)  1 per event (up to a maximum of 4) 

In order to earn points, Ambassadors will be required to check in with the event coordinator or a Student Engagement and Equity staff member to obtain a unique event code. 

Please use the unique event code to fill out the Ambassador Event Attendance form to confirm your attendance and earn points.

If you have attended a general UOIT event as a participant, please use the event code 'genevent'. Note that you can only claim 4 general attendance points per school year. 

Have a question about the new Ambassador Event Attendance process? Email
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