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International Hate Studies: Contexts and Consequences of Hate

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International Hate Studies: Contexts and Consequences of Hate
INHS Biennial Conference
May 29 to 31, 2018
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

We are excited to announce the third biennial conference of the International Network for Hate Studies. Please join us Tuesday, May 29 to Thursday, May 31 at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. Our Co-Chair, Barbara Perry, PhD, will be your host.

Global events have made our work more important than ever, as we have entered what many scholars, media pundits and politicians are calling an era of hate. Rohingya Muslims are facing genocide. LGBTQ communities face persecution and death across the world. The rhetoric surrounding Brexit in the U.K., Donald Trump’s election in the United States, and the political ascendancy of white nationalist parties throughout Europe have emboldened and energized white supremacist ideologies, identities, movements and practices around the world. This resurgent white supremacy is real and violent; in the weeks following both the Brexit vote and Trump’s win, hate crimes surged to a level not seen since the aftermath of 9/11. We encourage participants to consider the historical antecedents and contemporary contours and impacts of this ‘era of hate’ as it is manifest in hate crime, right-wing extremism, online hate and political discourses of hate.


You can participate in the conference:

  • Through a discussion session.
  • Through a problem-solving workshop.
  • By presenting a seminar paper.

To participate, fill out and submit the proposal form by Wednesday, February 28.