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Project approvers


Advancement Office and Alumni Relations Debbie McGarry 6728
ACE John Komar 5701
Business and Information Technology Belinda Bambrick 2836
Communications and Marketing Melissa Levy 6733
Energy Systems and Nuclear Science Bob Goldman 5514
Engineering and Applied Science David Kim 3454
English Language Centre Judith Herringer (Perron) 6122
External Relations Sue McGovern/Joanne Nickle 3146
Faculty of Education Lori May 2849
Finance Craig Elliott 3393; corrina.d'
Health Sciences Sylvie Brosseau 3782 
Human Resources Jamie Bruno 6186
Information Technology Services Lianne Sheehan 2632
Library Services Catherine Davidson 2214
Office of Campus Infrastructure and Sustainability Ken Bright 2532
Office of Planning and Analysis  Lana Pickering 5462
Office of Student Life Adam King 5317
Office of the President Cathy Pitcher 3120
Office of the Provost Krista Hester 5467
Office of the Registrar Carrie LeBlanc 3156
Office of the Vice-President, Research, Innovation and International Doug Holdway 3267/2606
School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Andra Drinkwalter 6208
Science L'naya Russell 2997
Social Science and Humanities Aaron Mitchell 2425 
Student Association Chantal James 3994
University Secretary and General Counsel Andrea Kelly 6707
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